Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tom Ford Spoof Advertisement

If you have picked up a magazine, you have one time or another come across a Tom Ford adertisement. His products are ridiculously over priced for even a fashionista such as myself. A lipstick by Tom Ford is around $48 dollars meaning that only the uber wealthy or people who spend their money frivolously buy these products.

When thinking of spoof advertisements, I immediately wanted to do a play off of Tom Ford's edgy and erotic advertisements. The women and men are always pushing the envelope in each one of the advertisements with sexuality. I want to do a play off of the fact that the products are so expensive they are almost unattainable along with a quirky weird scenario that is awkward instead of sexual. Having a women with lipstick all over her face in a brown color with a man having her in a head lock instead of lusting over her. He can be fighting her for the "unattainable" lipstick. This is just one idea. My play on words from Tom Ford will be Tom Unaffordable.

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