Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spoof Ad 1st critique- mjaramillo

This is the first idea I came across. Covergirl is always promoting "Easy Breezy Beautiful" so I wanted to give it a twist. For my spoof ad I wanted to go for Jokergirl, basically a girl with half her face normal and the other half with ugly makeup because sometimes girls go over board with the amount of makeup they end up wearing, sort of like "Easy Beastly Bad". Covergirl always tries to say that their makeup creates amazing results so I will like to contradict them and make a girl half ugly half pretty.

For my second idea which I was going more towards its the absolute vodka because their ads are unique. They usually combine the word Absolute with something else to promote the brand so I would like to continue that but in a humorous way. I wanted to do "Absolute Influence" which I would use a picture of a baby holding a bottle with the dad in the background giving him the look or even joining in. I think that will fit the concept of it being a bad influence sort of what vodka does to a person.

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