Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spoof Ad Crit 1 - Bialek

Spoof 1 - "Like a Wreck / Chevrolet"

I've been looking into a car to buy, and I've been told time and time again that American made cars are generations behind Japanese cars. My family wholeheartedly agrees with this. As such...

I figure it would be fun to poke fun at Chevrolet's famous "Like a rock" campaign and turn the slogan into "Like a wreck". Depending on the approach, I would either photoshop the Chevy logo to make it rusted/broken up with the slogan like in the first image, or find a picture of a totaled Chevrolet to play with for something like the second image.

Spoof 2 - "Maybe it's surgery... / Maybelline"

In Asia, specifically in South Korea, it is almost expected that beauty queens and pop stars have plastic surgery to make their faces perfect. It's become an epidemic in the country. I found it hard to spoof one of the Korean brands, such as Etude House or Holika Holika, but I feel that the sentiment can also apply to American culture. Women are pressured to be impossibly perfect. Many women have rhinoplasty done, brow lifts, cheek implants, etc - it's ridiculous.

Maybe "Maybe it's Photoshop" would make more sense in the American way, but "surgery" is more catchy as a term. It's common knowledge that the pictures are photoshopped, anyway - but what about surgery? This one is harder, I think. The line would be "Maybe she's born with it/Maybe it's surgery?" but as for the image, I would have to somehow make a two-faced like image between a homely woman and a model, and that would take some serious internet detective work.


  1. Here's the maybelline font!!