Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spoof Ad Ideas - Meade

I came up with two ideas, instead of two directions for one spoof. Hopefully that's alright...

  1. Carnever Cruises

Okay so my idea here was to spoof Carnival Cruises and their whole debacle right now with their ships not really being up to snuff.

The ad above is mainly the one I'm going to try and spoof like this:

backed up*

Extremely rough sketch. I plan to use photos for the background (I have photos I've taken of palm trees and beaches), do some photo manipulation and whatnot to make it look like their ad. Sort of play on their recent mishaps and how you should never utilize their cruise line.

2. Pretentious Coffee

Not trying to bash anyone's love of Starbucks, but my next idea was to spoof Starbucks and one of their ads.

I'm not sure if this is that recent of an ad, but I saw this and thought it could be spoofed pretty nicely like below:

I feel like Starbucks is selling a lifestyle or an image rather than actually damn good coffee. At first I wanted to take a jab at their prices, but I don't think that their prices are necessarily too absurd (even though I wouldn't pay that amount for their coffee), but mostly jabbing at them for ... well for being pretentious. I'll be spoofing the illustrative aspects as well, like their logo and the beans and leaves. 

While I think the Carnever Cruises is a better idea conceptually, I think Pretentious Coffee is a bit more playful and will be easier to come up with a final product, but I feel like it might be a bit of a cliché. Some feedback would be great!

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