Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chapter 5 Reflection - Bialek

Chapter 5 Reflection

Chapter 5 is all about “the big picture” – aka conceptualizing your advertising campaign. This is important because your big, creative idea will be the framework of your entire creative process. This drives what you’re saying and how you’re going to say it to the world. It’s here where you have to ask yourself the five essential questions learned back in grammar school: Who/What/When/Where/Why/How.

You need to identify insight onto your product as well – figure out what can be improved and how. Are there multiple ways to use the product? How can you reframe it? There are many strategies to find insight, and as soon as you find it, you can continue building on your Big Idea.

There’s a four step process for concept generation based off of a political scientist/psychologist: Preparation > Incubation > Illumination > Verification

For preparation, you have to examine the sources you’ve gathered such as online bookmarks and source material and think about connections you can make between that and your insight. This leads into incubation, where you let those ideas and connections simmer in your mind. Let the creative juices bubble and set. Illumination is when you finally decide on a concrete idea for an ad campaign that you can run with. Finally, verification is where you make those ideas more concrete and move onto making the physical media.

It’s a very formal way of describing how to come up with a concrete idea, but I understand it. I think it’s also inherently what we do as we try to come up with creative things. For this class, I just sat down and tried to think of what I like that I’d want to make fun of, or things that bothered me, and ended up coming up with those two ad campaign ideas. Now they’re not perfect, but it really was following the pattern of preparation -> incubation -> illumination. I didn’t get to the verification part, but that will be the end result!

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