Thursday, April 11, 2013

Herzog - Spoof Ad Critique 1



My first idea is to spoof the (relatively) new Lego ads based off the idea that a child's imagination can view one Lego as an entire creation:
In my experience with Lego---and in watching my siblings play with them as well---there is always one Lego missing from a creation, a hidden Lego waiting to be stepped on, or a stray Lego in a mother's purse. The Lego ads are beautifully simple, so I picture spoof ads that are similarly simple, but, instead of a shadow of a dinosaur or an airplane, I would showcase a Lego missing from a creation or in a hidden/unfortunate location.


I would also consider spoofing Vineyard Vines. I would mainly be commenting on the association between the brand and fraternities/sororities. The brand attempts to appeal to a very affluent consumer, and probably does to some degree, but is also the standard uniform for..."less put-together" men and women, too. The ad I found calls the new fall line their "fleet" and pictures sailboats, which is initially strange for a "college brand" until you realize that, in fact, the ideal Vineyard Vines consumer would probably have access to a sailboat, or at least their family's sailboat.

My ad would appeal more to the actual, hard partying Vineyard Vines consumer. Instead of picturing a fleet of sailboats, it would picture a fleet of "morning after" college students exiting a frat house, possibly with a line that provides some juxtaposition with the picture, "Our fall fleet is ready for action" (even though they're clearly not). I would change the whale icon to something a little less majestic and more "on target" too (perhaps a sloth?).

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