Tuesday, April 16, 2013

chapter 7,8,9 and 5-jaramillo

Chapter 7-

 This chapter talked about getting ideas for this new project and staying out of the common to create something new and fresh for the public. Its all about the framework and how to get the publics attention to pass a message. A lot goes into making an ad from the story, to a problem and just entertaining. When I read about the demonstration I think about the picture because that’s what everyone looks at first and they have to give an example to make the product powerful and attractive.

Chapter 8-

This chapter talks about the typography in an ad, which is very essential for an ad because headlines/ slogans are always very catchy. The type selections have to be readable but at the same time attractive to the audience. Typefaces are very tricky because not only do they have to fit the theme but they have to incorporate with the image. Like it said in the text each typeface has qualities that visually communicate and may or may not be appropriate for the idea. The typeface plays a big role because it can also determine whether the ad is strong, works or is a complete fail.

Chapter 9-

This chapter talked about the composition of the ad. This includes the content or context basically how much of what you have to include in the ad. This is a big step to set the visualization or the idea you had created before and actually start composing the ad. Whether you want to be text driven or image driven its very important to try and emphasize your choice to make the ad work. It’s a good idea to set proportions in the format so it can be good in a phone, computer or poster.

Chapter 5-
The Big Idea is probably the hardest step because this is where you have to brainstorm and look at every possibility you have to make your ad or even start thinking about to make the ad campaign really good.  The thought process which is put into an ad campaign has to be focus on getting the audience attention, First of all you have to know everything about the campaign and everyway you can represent it. As a designer we have to think about colors, pictures, words, phrases that can work with our concept.  We have to be original and make sure our idea is fresh and that will work really good to represent out product or campaign. 

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