Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Randall McNair Chapters 1,2,3,4

Chapter review 1 to 4

     Advertising calls people into action, as it is an action use to promote one brand over another. In the western world advertisement is use daily, and people are constantly bombarded with it through computers, phones, street ads, and news reports. Advertisement is not just a sales pitch to get people to invest into something’s, it can be used in way to inform people about their surroundings, or about to help them find information they maybe looking for, information’s such as; medical information, and brochures about organizations.

     When comes to designing advertisement, it just like other project, there are steps one must take to reach the end. You have to have knowledge about the subject you are approaching, and then you have to sit back, and see how this comprehends to you. The next stage is combining different elements, to form a new whole, and you might what to do a few new forms, to see what warms best. Then once done, it time for a critique. It is always good to have a fresh set of eyes. Then make the adjustments, and finally present. 

     Another good form of advertisement is branding. It is taking the logo or parts of the logo, which would be the image of the company, and stamping it on products that certain consumers may buy. It is a form of bombardment. They do not have to say who they are if you can remember the logo.

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