Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spoof Ad - JZiolkowski

I was looking for an all night diner to get something to eat with my friends at 2am, and the spot we had driven to turned out to be closed.  There was a Burger King across the street and it was the only "restaurant" open for miles.  We were all disappointed and finally with some resentment and completely out of desperation decided to stop there.

My goal is to create an ad that targets the disgusting experience that is fast food and sums up the attitude my friends and I had in the story above.  I have looked at a few Burger King ads and found the following highly graphical print ads:

For this style I see a design which focuses on the fact that Burger King is open late, later than anyone else, so you have no other choice.  The tag line would be something along the lines of "Burger King: Oh well..."  The design would feature this late night font style and the "Now Open Til Midnight Or Later" text, maybe modified to say something along the lines of "Now open later than your first choice, and even your second, third and fourth choices."

Another ad style I found is the following:

For this style I imagined a modified tagline that plays on the existing line, but says something to the effect of: "It doesn't feel better, it just tastes better." or "It's not actually food, it just tastes sort of like it."

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  1. I like "It's not actually food, it just tastes sort of like it."