Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spoof part 2 - Bialek

Here's what I have so far - I went with Maybelline vs. Shiseido since Maybelline is a better established brand here in the USA. I changed the name to "Maybesaline"... It's not exactly catchy, but my original idea was "MaybeLENE", after polypropylene, a popular plastic used in everything from tupperware to tires. But I was told that this wouldn't be very impactful, so I went with the goo they put into breast implants, though my focus is mostly on the face.

I had trouble with creating an "S" for the logo. Everything else I was able to replicate well, but because there's no real "S" I could build off of to match the Maybelline logo, it was a bit rough. If anyone has suggestions on how I could make it stand out less, I'd really appreciate it!

The tagline is, "Maybe she's born with it / Maybe it's surgery", and it's set up in the same way the original Maybelline New York logo is. Right now the font for the tagline is just a placeholder until I find something better.

The ad right now is also just a quick mock-up I threw together. If this is better received than pictures, I will just illustrate - but my plan now is to find someone to make up like a princess, and also take pictures of the same person made up to look like they're a few days after intensive plastic surgery. Heck, I might just photograph myself for that. I'm still not sure if I want to make it a face/off kind of thing or a set of two print ads that would be either printer side-by-side or, like the old "Truth" ads, have half of it in one part of the magazine, then the other half a few pages/a section later.

Depending on how it is done, that would change how the tagline is arranged, too.

Either way, this is what I have thrown together so far. I'd really love help on making that S look better. I had no idea that using Illustrator to try and make one letter would take over two hours...

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