Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chapter 5 Recap

Chapter 5: The Big Idea

This chapter was all about the soul of advertising the core concept in all that is good and holy and what starts it all, "The Big Idea." The chapter went into the analysis of breaking down the aspects of the idea that begins very simple with the, Who? What? Where? When? How? and Why?  The analysis is breaking into the the consumer, the wants and needs and reason why we try to appeal to them. It is the consumer insight of everything. Apple is a great example with continually come out with a new phone smaller, changing the headphones, and upgrading the software. Continuing into the chapter it was able to break into the methods of creativity and how certain techniques people use, and other techniques agencies use. The idea is was that everyone brings something unique to the table, each individual has their own unique creative tune and thus our minds processed it differently. The idea that a visual has such power to speak more than words if done correctly was fascinating to me especially since I hope to become an Art Director. Really interesting advertisements are those that you don't look at as Advertisements  rather artwork, something that sends a message in different meanings a lot like an Ink Blot. Synthesis has always been a wonderful concept and I love the idea of it when it comes to Advertising. The Big Idea done correctly and thought right to appeal to the consumer or rather target audience it can come out as a form of entertainment. 

Pretty Sweet Synthesis Right here!

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