Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spoof Ads -DeVecchis

So I want to spoof one of the older tobacco ads for Marlboro. My first choice would be one of the first ones.

So there are a number of ads like these with women in fancy clothing and with the taglines of either "America's Luxury Cigarette" or "The Cigarette of Distinction." For my spoof ads, I would like to keep the same style of drawings but instead of having the women looking so young and perfect looking, kind of highlighting the effects of smoking (droopier and wrinkly skin, thin lips, etc) and I would change the tag line to "The Cigarette of Extinction" or something like that. Haven't quite decided yet.

Once again, here they are playing to the 'elegance' of the cigarettes, and gearing them towards women by saying that your lipstick won't rub off on them. I would somehow like to play off of the "Ivory tips protect the lips" and maybe show lips that still have the lipstick on them, but are creased from smoking. Or I could also play with the "Mild as May" slogan. Still undecided, but I personally like the first spoof ad better.

For a second concept I thought the old "Luckies" advertisements were funny

The title would be "unluckies" and the slogan "its toasted" would be referencing your lungs after smoking. Im not sure about imagery yet. I also would like to play off of the funny statistic that really doesn't say much about the product.

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  1. I like the old style ads, and I have a feeling you'll nail it and probably have 9 or 10 awesome variations too. Can't wait to see how it turns out.