Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spoof Ads Critique 2 HERZOG


I am spoofing LEGO, who consistently puts out amazing, minimalist ads that illustrate the the imaginative capabilities of the toy for children. I am commenting on how the pieces get lost and subsequently found, one by one, in inconvenient places (a purse, coat, or on the floor, under your foot...).

There is hardly any copy in the LEGO ads, but luckily, my favorites have the tagline "IMAGINE." I am changing this---as of my most recent draft---to "INFEST." I am changing the LEGO name to either "OUCH" (for the foot shadow ad) or "HUH?" (for the purse/coat ads). I have spoofed the images to resemble the simplicity of the originals, albeit not yet perfectly. My main goal is to clean everything up to LEGO standards and possibly work with the logo/tagline more.

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