Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spoof Idea-- Moran


Pantene (and almost every other beauty product on the market) advertises products that will make users look younger!  As a young viewer, I laugh at the idea of looking 11 years old after using shampoo.  I have a few ideas for spoofing these types of ads.  

-Panteen/Pantween makes you look 10 years older! Images would show middle school age girls getting ready for school or a dance.  At least one girl will use Panteen and look twice her age.

-My other idea for Pantene is to use images of young adults and make them look 10 years younger.  I'm still developing tag lines/image ideas for this demonstration (think over-sized toddler trying to get into a bar).


I am developing a second idea that would be an anti-fur campaign.  Killing animals for fur (or skin) is cruel so my ads would suggest wearing pets as fashion accessories.  Live cats, dogs, lizards, etc could be draped over the head or shoulders as a trendy, friendly fashion statement.  

The campaigns that are out now encourage going nude before wearing fur.  I might experiment with creating an entire outfit out of live animals.

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