Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spoof Ad Critique 1

When I began approaching the ‘Spoof Ad’ project I immediately began brainstorming ideas related to the fast food industry. In the past year consumers have been exposed to a vast amount of horror stories regarding fast food corporations and their sometimes-mysterious methods of food production.
The first spoof concept I came up with was for Taco Bell, spinning off their recent meat grade scandal. Although I believe it was eventually put to test, Taco Bell came under scrutiny for using meat products rated at the same level as canned dog food. Obviously this is pretty gross and detrimental to the brand regardless of its truth or not. For this campaign I wanted to promote Taco Bell’s food as actual dog food as if the company had embraced this new market. The company’s continual attempts to create new interesting food combinations (Doritos Loco Taco, etc.) and slogan, “Think outside the bun”, could easily be transformed to fit this new spoof campaign. I came up with the spoof slogan “Think outside the bone” suggesting that your dog would rather be eating Taco Bell.

progress of work

Another concept that I came up with stems from a more recent food scandal, but also has to deal with their meat product handling and production. As many know Burger King was exposed for including horse and mule meat products in many of their UK plants launching a full investigation of the company. Immediately after this scandal the company began promoting their new line of veggie burgers and turkey burgers. I thought this was hilarious therefore I’d like to do some print ads for their new burgers. The idea is that although they are “veggie” and “turkey” style hamburgers, they still might include some other foreign ingredient. Basically suggesting that it’s not always safe to trust something based solely on its name. 

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