Thursday, April 11, 2013

Olivia Serra - Spoof Ad

My idea is to make fun of IKEA and the general struggles that people have putting together the furniture. I am targeting young adults, early to late twenties, who are either trying to furnish an apartment or a first home. The target does not want to spend too much on furniture, so that is why they chose to go to IKEA. To add an IMC component to my campaign, IKEA would sponsor a competition for those who believe that they are "Pro's" at building IKEA furniture. It would be a timed competition where competitors would have to build the furniture that has a reputation for being complicated to build. Best time wins.
I thought it would be funny to show a LEGO struggling to put together a piece of furniture, simply because LEGO instructions are similar to IKEA directions

The screw demonstrates that freak out moment when you are left with just one screw after the piece is put together.

 All of the ads would ultimately end up looking like this. I chose to do a graphic look because I am making fun of IKEA's graphics in their directions

Idea #2: Juicy Couture
Their ads are so bright and colorful that they attract their target audience, teenaged girls, but their models are obviously much older.

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  1. I feel like the Eifel Tower is too iconic and too much of a masterpiece to make the joke work. If the thing created is more impressive than the thing in the plans it makes it look like it came out better than expected. Maybe if it turned into something more like a Picasso statue or modern art and there was a line that said something like, "I guess that works too." Just my two cents, looks awesome overall.