Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chapter 5 Mikula

Chapter 5 is called the big idea. The book defines this as a solid, creative, on-brand idea that is large enough and flexible enough to be used effectively across media for a period of time. The book states that there are six essential questions to ask yourself to help flesh out your thinking and they are: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Discussion on these questions helps tremendously rather than jumping straight to the conceptual development stages. After the six essential questions, are the six phases of the project process. They are overview, strategy, ideas, design, production, and implementation. In The Art of Thought by Graham Wallas, he developed a four stage model for the concept-generation process. These four steps are preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. The La Cucina ad combines office supplies with cooking utencils (and pasta). Their ad slogan is the magazine with the kitchen in its offices. Therefore combining the two in the ad is clever. Heinz ketchup did a similar ad with their classic heinz bottle and tomato  slices.

Visual metaphor ads encourage the viewer to interact with the ad. PSAs are meant to encourage the general public to act upon a good behavior, and man do they have some great ads. The figure 5-11 is so creative and clever! Living in the city I've been exposed to a lot of public transportation advertisements. Like the el trains where they're all orange advertising tropicana. But The smoking lung one is a lot less... happy looking than bright orange. For that reason it may be more effective. I wouldn't want to be a smoker and walk on the train car that has the black lung.... awkward. In Southern Illinois Carbondale some streets around the city have paw prints to represent the Saluki, just like the livestrong example in figure 5-20. Although the livestrong example is on a much bigger level.

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