Sunday, April 28, 2013

Reading Reflection Ch 13, 14, 15 - Meade

13: Designing For Web Sites

The chapter begins with establishing how vital using the Internet is and how a company having a good website that encourages people to come back again and again is something to strive for. Online campaigns though, are usually only to drive people in a certain direction. We also have to keep in mind the ever-evolving page models and aesthetics of the Internet, and work with these changes, but that design basics like a visual hierarchy, balance, proportion, rhythm and unity will still be prevalent even after things evolve. “Visual design is not just about visual impact or aesthetics – it should be a marriage of form and function that ensures an effortless and worthwhile user experience” (p. 227).  The end of the chapter outlines what to consider when designing a website and how to begin to develop one. The Packland website, I thought is great. The design is engaging, and even if the background has a lot of going on, it still feels organized and clean – easy to navigate.

 A website that is going to touch on all the good aspects on website design is Brand identity via the colors, lack of superfluous graphic elements and great visual hierarchy. It's interactive, big and beautiful pictures, and engages the viewers to click to get further information or pictures. Everything is pretty easy to find and read (especially for the age demographic that they target). 

14: Designing For Mobile Advertising

I find it funny that the first thing the chapter reminds you of is that people have phones, yes, but also that they are attached to us and that it is a source of entertainment, as if we didn’t know this. Under the “Consideration for Mobil Advertising”, it lists a few things to keep in mind when designing an app or an ad for it. Relevant, useful, ‘legs’ and entertaining are the key aspects of a good app. I thought the UrbanDaddy app showcased in the chapter is well designed, though the name is a bit.. off putting. The idea is good and I like the options that the app has like ‘It’s Saturday’ or ‘I want dinner’. It’s personal, yet sleek looking.

The new Yahoo! weather app is a well designed app, I think. I just got it and was tinkering around and it's visually stunning as well as useful. It's got all the possibly information you might want in a well balanced, clear hierarchy, sleek designed packaging. Flickr is subtly advertised as are their other products in their menu that you navigate to to get to settings and adding cities. The design is what easily got me to download the product and replace an app that I was already happy with. They're advertising themselves by getting me to use their product over all of the others - above's own app!

15: Designing For Social Media and Unconventional Marketing

Remember RAVES, and that social media is at its best when it's Relevant, Authentic, Valuable, Enticing and Shareable. It must understand its target audience, it must live up to its brand essence and claims, it offers something of value to its viewers, as well as some level of uniqueness, and then the ability to share what they can. Unconventional advertising is when an advert 'ambushes' the audience, like somewhere public where you aren't necessarily expecting an advert to be (like the advertising campaign on page 245). The chapter then gives some things to consider when designing these sort of adverts, like keeping with the brand, remember what you learned in your ethics class, don't let it be creepy, and remember to keep in mind that the advert should be able to expand to other media mediums.

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