Monday, April 22, 2013

Spoof Ad: Crit 2 - JZiolkowski

My concept is a search engine and data-mining service called "Yougle", a combination of the "You/I" trend and "Google".  The blend of the two terms forms the ultimate pop-data-mining brand identity as people are drawn towards their identity devices (iPhones, Youtube, Facebook [a higher evolution of the Myspace phenomenon], and so on).  On the surface, Yougle offers the massive available data collection of the world's best encyclopedia at the user's fingertips, but below the surface it is simultaneously and secretly collecting the personal information of its users.

The tagline for this service is "Thanks Yougle!"  The ad will show different functions (and disfunctions) available from the service that give the tagline a double meaning, one ironic, the other sarcastic.  The television ad will feature a user using Yougle to execute and later cover up a series of bizarre activities, some criminal, some just weird and embarassing, culminating in the ironic tagline "Thanks Yougle!" which could be the criminal appreciating the help of the service in pulling off his crimes, while the audience is thanking Yougle sarcastically for enabling the criminal's deviant behavior.  The print ads will feature a single shot of Yougle searches gone wrong, generally by auto-suggesting some bizarre result based on a very ambiguous starting input from the fictional user.  The "Thanks Yougle!" tagline will be purely sarcastic in this case, as the user curses the search engine for it's odd, insulting, and possibly crime-inducing conclusions about the user's intentions.  To take the concept a step further, the auto-suggestions can betray the collected user-data by completing search criteria with an embarassing fact about the user.

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