Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ad Spoof Concept- Mikula

For my ad spoof I want to do The North Face. All their advertisements show people in extreme landscapes doing adventurous, nature-y things. They market their brand to be towards people who do outdoors-y camping and extreme sports. Yet The North Face jackets are a HUGE thing in Chicago (and surely other cities as well). The North Face is more of a fashion statement for Chicagoans. I know Chicago is cold (we all do) and The North Face is known for having quality jackets and apparel making for good cold weather gear, but I''m sure people wear the jackets just for the name brand.
The first ad I found was the one shown below with the slogan I live on the edge. I wanted to do a spoof of a person standing on the "l" platform (on the yellow stand behind line) with the same slogan. A everyday Chicagoan on the "l" platform in comparison to this ice rock climber, I think, is pretty funny.
The next ad I found, which matches the brand and look of the one above is, is an ad that says never stop exploring, shown below. The spoof I wanted to do for this one is to have a person at a starbucks with a new drink order (I dont know how I would illustrate that through a photograph thoguh) with the slogan, never stop exploring. 
Lastly I found another ad with the slogan Endurance is. The ad shows a man taking a nap on the side of the road after running for 22 hours straight. I wanted to spoof this ad by showing a Chicagoan on the "l" and their idea of endurance is being on a crowded uncomfortable red line "l" train to get to a Cubs game. 
Another Ad idea I find interesting is the WBEZ ad that recently has been all around Chicago. The ad encourages "interesting" people to go make babies. I feel interesting is a loose term and could be stretched to extreme situations. Like "We want grand theft auto theifs to hook up with cleptomanics and make babies today!" Thats an "interesting" couple but not who I think they had envisioned when they ran the ad. 


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