Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gordon Spoof Ad

For my spoof ads my initial idea is to do a series of spoofs on Kate Spade. Specifically the Call to Action Collection. These bags have sayings on them like, Skirt the Rules, Spend it all in one place, Play Hooky, and Arm Candy.

Kate Spades market group are the women specifically who have money to spend on extra things such as nice bags and accessories. These women are socialites, and social climbers, and the saying on Kate Spade bags are sometimes unusual and ridiculous.

The saying i want to focus on are:

  • Tequila is not my friend #baconeggandcheese - Hungover as $%!T #bottleservice
  • I don't care what is written about me so as long as it is true - I love the spotlight, talk all you want
  • Play the Field - polygamy is acceptable if the monies right 
  • Spend it all in one place #chaching - i don't have a budget #burningplastic 
  • Skirt the Rules - Break the rules if you have to 

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