Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reflection Chapters 1-4

What is Advertising:

Advertising calls people to action, it is used in a free-market system to promote one brand or group over another. Competition is tough and good advertising can persuade a consumer to choose the use of a particular brand over another appealing brand. An interesting idea about international business is that in many countries advertising is the one common experience shared by a large, diverse populace. In my opinion I relate this idea to math since math is the same in every language, advertising can move within different countries.

Project Process:

Something that stood out to me in the process of design advertising is “Blooms Taxonomy”: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Each of theses parts is very important to the workflow of a project. From personal experiences in school, I have begun to figure out the importance of each step, and the need to the several steps of analyzing before the actual designing begins.  Along with the several critiques, projects continue to grow and flourish.

Creative Thinking:

The main thing I took away from this section was creativity is valuable, but not just alone. It is most powerful when paired with intellect and perseverance. In able to reach the most productive creativity brainstorming needs to happen. The best projects and ideas don’t come from the first creative idea. Checklists, mind mapping and storyboarding are great ways to jumpstart creativity, and physically see the flow of the project.

The Brand Idea:

Branding identity distinguishes and builds value of a brand. Constructing a brand idea starts with an attributes defining the characteristics, and then move to functional benefits stating the usefulness of the brand identity.  The strongest brand identities often have and emotional benefit the real in the consumers who can relate to the product. Then lastly the value of what the consumer is receiving wraps up the brand identity. 

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