Friday, April 12, 2013

Spoof Ad - JZiolkowski - Different Concept

I saw this new TV ad for Google and had a few ideas.  I already submitted one spoof ad concept but I want to take a look at this since I think it might be more ripe for parody.

My concept would be along the lines of "Some things you can't ask your friends" and then there could be a short demo of someone doing slightly embarrassing or incriminating searches.  Print ads could be a single frame in which the iconic google logo and search box are featured with a search criteria entered almost completely, as the auto-complete feature suggests the rest of the sentence.  One instance could just show the user running a search on embarassing criteria, such as "How long does crabs last", and another instance could show the auto-complete suggesting something ridiculous on what is an otherwise average phrase, such as in the following:

This would merit the tag line "Thanks Google!"

Also, this would be in poor taste but maybe using Casey Anthony as a "celebrity endorsement" would be funny.

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