Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mitchell_Maxwell_Ch1-4 Reflection

Who Creates Advertising?
    I loved this selection in the first chapter because as students we sit in class and and have a scholastic understanding of the advertising firm and from most cases hands on experience with class projects perhaps on how everything works. However I think the understanding of who actually creates the advertising is something we will come to only further grasp through our careers. As junior copywriters and art directors we might come up with outstanding ideas from our own beliefs but realize that the creative director took, changed it, molded it, and made it his own and we do not understand where our credit went. Its not about credit its about celebrating the fact that we came up with a damn good idea and our boss was able to sharpen it to a damn diamond and present it. Because if you come up with a great idea and you work for Leo Burnett well guess who created that idea, Leo Burnett. That is simply advertising, a Team Sport.

The Project Process?
    This was a great chapter because the whole time I read it I was thinking of Mad Men! It had a part where it explained rarely does the client throw his arms up and say yes to a campaign, no he usually has changes and ideas of his own. Its so frustratingly true that its just an essential part of the advertising process, our as an old professor told me," its the skin building process of your career." This chapter outlines the strategic steps to get to a finished product as well as some side steps for different thinkers which is a pure fact in the Advertising World.

Creative Mapping!
  Chapter 3 was all about the creative process and how one can build itself to a good idea or be inspired by another idea. Our minds are essentially vast super long libraries holding loads of information and to find the right item we have to walk the correct path. That is what the chapter outlines for us, certain steps and techniques that allow us to grasp the every day workings within the mind of a creative. I personally resonated with the mind mapping because it allows to me access and essentially answer a question I had already forgot!

Brand Idea!
   Chapter 4 touched on the elemental aspects and importance of a brand and how they can be changed and or represented. This was a a great chapter because it explained thoroughly the importance of the brand and how to appeal. For instance if you are creatively exceptional you can emotionally appeal to a consumer and thus the brand becomes something entirely. Most people now can fast forward through ads with dvr's and shop online without looking at brand central at the mall but the idea of making an Ad appeal to the consumer is the real importance of a Brand Idea.

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