Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spoof Ad 1 Ideas

Red Bull:
     I always loved Red Bull's tagline," It gives you wings." what we never saw was a realistic take of wings, and when it happens or where. I also thing it could be played around with in a fun way if we use the idea of the X-Men perhaps or think of Red Bull as a freaking Magic Lamp and it could make you taller or perhaps better looking. It holds a lot of fun choices that could make this very creative.  The Tag could even be," It Gives you Sight!"

Taco Bell:
    Whenever I think of Taco Bell I think of the chiuaha campaign and I really think this could be spoofed in a couple of different fun ways. With changing up the dog to maybe a Cat or perhaps even a freaking Rotwiler! Just giving the opposite effect. The idea of it being Mexican food could also be altered with an Asian spoof and the animal could be a shitszu even!

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