Friday, April 12, 2013

Spoof Ad Concepts

Crocs most recent ad campaign for their new summer and spring lines is “feel the love.” They created a new character croslite who of course is a shoe that just loves feet. I would like to possibly make a spoof on this ad either by releasing a winter shoe, or maybe having something similar to the above photos, but the people have a crocs sunburn. I think it would be funny to see the tan lines after wearing one of these shoes all summer. And with the winter shoes idea, it would be the new “rain boot crocs” that have the holes in them and really don’t protect your feet from anything. Possible tag or head lines: Feel the Burn, True Comfort, Don’t let your feet miss all the summer fun, The ultimate protector of feet.


Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” ad campaign. I am personally a big Wendy’s fan despite how bad it may be for me, and think it would be really fun to spoof this. The new slogan could be “Where’s the Beefcake?” I was also thinking of changing the name from Wendy’s to a female name that is often associated with unattractiveness. So the new name would be something like “Sheila’s” or something like that and have a picture of a more heavyset girl in place of the original Wendy. 

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