Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spoof Add Idea. Dorian Sosa

Spoof Add ideas:

I have 2 or maybe 3 different ideas (I'm thinking of combining 2) 

1- State Farm

Criticize the car insurance industry, or the insurance industry in general, since they keep portraying themselves as your friends or as a good guy, when in reality they are money grabbing scammers, willing to do anything to not pay you when you need them. 
I was thinking about spoofing State Farm and their well-known slogan:
'Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there" 
Play on this slogan and show an image of a guy in a suburban setting taking his dog to poop in his neighbors lawn, as the owner of the house is dealing with a car accident, or something along those lines. Add the state farm's logo to the image and make it look like one of their adds. 

This idea will be hard for me to develop using my own images, since I want to make it look realistic and I do not own a dog or know anybody on the suburbs that does, so I would like to rely on photoshop to create it. 

2- Seventeen magazine

Bring attention to the modern tendency of marketing to ever younger kids through these magazines, since it is a known fact that their target audience is mainly not seventeen year olds, but pre-teens who wish to act and look up to teenagers. (there is extensive research in sociology studies to back this up)

For the image I was thinking of changing one of their usual covers for the face of an eleven or twelve year old girl, and changing their headings to something along the lines of: 
"Teach your pre-teen how to be sexy!"
" The hottest 11 year old bachelors!"
or  "You're never too young to want a perfect butt, now with beauty advice for toddlers!"
 Or even just let their original headlines which are pretty ridiculous on their own (see the examples above) 

Thinking about this I also read recently that Victoria's secret has, yet again, been criticized for their new 'college line' which prints racy sexual innuendos in their panties. This line of underwear however is mainly marketed to teenagers and pre-teens, wish was openly acknowledged by the company. 
I was thinking of maybe making a combined spoof of two adds, one for the magazine and another one for Victoria's Secret, or even include a spoof of Victoria's Secret as part of Seventeen's cover. 
Since they have the same principle behind them: companies using sexualisation and objectification (especially of females) to promote consumerism, creeping into our lives at an increasingly younger age. I think they would go well together. 

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