Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spoof Ad Crit 2 - Meade

 So incase you don't remember, my spoof focuses on the fact that Starbucks is pretentious in that they're trying to sell themselves at a higher quality (and therefore price) than they actually are. Originally I was going to spoof the name as 'Pretentious Coffee', but changed that to a synonym.

The spoof'd logo with the name that would eventually go on the logo in white.

The original ad says "This is what coffee tastes like when you pour your heart into it"

The original days "Beware of a cheater cup of coffee. It comes with a price"

The typefaces and tweaking of the typography still needs to be done, since this is just preliminary work.
I'm also going to add the little illustrative elements and spoof those as well as making the ads look textured. 

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