Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reflection 3 - Drake Manalo

Reflection #3 (Chapter 5):

An important part of advertising is recognizing the needs of the consumer. When the book mentioned Maslow and the hierachy of needs that influence our behavior, I was excited because I learned about this hierarchy through my class for being a service immersion trip leader. It is interesting to note that this can be applied to both, with successes coming in both forms. The text brought up the idea of self-actualization, and I feel that with this recognition we can associate with the audience we are responding to, while at the same time being effective in what we are creating.  

The idea of a visual metaphor is something so powerful. I feel as humans we relate more with metaphors when we have to think about them, and especially when we fully understand the meaning behind them. One way that I hope to keep in mind to do this is by changing my perspective or looking at things with eccentric points of view. One big thing I always try and remember throughout any of my design is the idea of letting thoughts simmer. All too often I want to get an assignment/work project done and be with it - rather than taking the time to really think about and possibly even come back to it!

Print: "Button"
While reading Chapter 5, I was immediately drawn to this advertisement. It may be because of the purple color, but it was also the simplicity of it as a whole that captured my attention. I can tell that the ad agency went through the questions of who is the audience, and what would be intriguing for them. I actually did not know what the ad was about, but the image itself made me want to stare and look around it until I knew what it was explaining. I felt that there was a puzzle waiting to be solved, so to speak. 

Throughout this chapter I was really intrigued by the different point of views that advertisements took part in. I feel that this advertisement also does a good job in looking at something we see everyday and adding a twist to it. We recognize the fence and see something unusual on it, and that is something that sparks our interest. Compared to the "Button" ad, this one has a message that can be seen from the first viewing - without having to go in and analyze it further. However, we can find a deeper meaning upon further inspection - which is important to recognize. 

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