Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chapter 5 Reflection

Chapter 5 focuses on "the big idea" behind a well thought out ad campaign. The purpose of advertising is to get your audience interested in you brand and this chapter asks and answers many of the questions one should ask when developing these campaigns. The book suggests that you know everything that you could possibly know about your goals first and foremost before considering physical design concepts. Before you create your big idea into an ad we want to make sure that all the facts, opinions and observations are all accounted for.
There were a few design concepts that I thought are good to consider when deciding format and appearance. Synthesis, no copy and visual analogy are some examples of how one can present a message. Visual analogy indirectly gets its message across. It doesn't make an obvious statement, but infers a deeper meaning. No copy basically means that there is no text and all the communication is done purely with visual design. Synthesis is placing two ideas into a composition in a way that they support each other and create a clear message. The below image is a good example of a no copy ad for Burger King's new fiery fries because even without looking at any text we get the implied message.

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