Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chapter 7,8,9

Chapter 7: Something I found very interesting about chapter 7 was the “Slice of Life” Section. These are advertisements showing a realistic portrayal of life featuring everyday situations, such as overweight, money mishaps, or sickness. One of the major advertisements that comes to mind is the Allstate Mayhem commercials. I know that a majority of TV watchers have seen this creative commercial collection, and I find it very effective. The commercials are funny, witty, and depict real life occurrences that cause mayhem.

Chapter 8: Typefaces, and arrangement of type is a very important component of a design layout. Type can be taken literally like what it is saying or it can be the image the viewer is looking at. Both ways need the right typeface, the right sizing, and the right design aesthetic to be a successful ad using type. I think many advertisements lose credit because the text is poorly laid out, to small, or has no importance in the visual hierarchy. To be a strong designer and advertiser type has to matter.

Chapter 9: There are so many components of design that partake in the composition of an advertisement. To name a few: format, balance, unity, and rhythm are adjectives that should be visually scene in an ad. When finishing a graphic I think it is important for designers to go through a visual checklist, because missing these components could be deadly to the advertisement. 

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