Monday, April 22, 2013

Ashley Soltis - Spoof Ad Critique #02

Monsanto's current logo/slogan design:

My rough first version:

I wanted to change the typographical elements of the original branding, and insert the small "gm" to insinuate the use of hidden additives in their food products. Ideally, I would like to make this perhaps more clever or striking. I also plan to continue to rework the existing logo - instead of the toxic symbol, I would rather opt to change the lively green plant to a dead one or one that is decaying, or implying anything but health. The image below is my own that I took from a farmer's market back in the fall. I debated leaving this the same, to continue to exemplify the nutritional illusion of the company, or I may treat it in Photoshop and somehow make it look poisonous.

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