Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spoof Ad: Critique 1

Current slogan: "Lose weight now, ask me how."
Mission: to change people's lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and best nutrition and weight-management products in the world. 

My idea is to turn Herbalife into a distributor of medical marijuana. The name is already perfect, and the symbol would be easy to change into a marijuana leaf. 
New slogan: "Get high now, eat a cow." The slogan is probably not final, but I do like the juxtaposition and emphasis on eating a cow- a.k.a.- the munchies, as Herbalife is currently a supplemental weight loss brand. 
Ad campaign: I would redo their online presence--website and photos--and a pamphlet, as those are their two main forms of consumer visibility. I currently have access to a lot of Herbalife products via a friend, so I was thinking of using those products, twisting them around, and making a photoshoot. I have ideas of a person maybe smoking the rapper of an Herbalife protein bar as if it were a joint, or "marijuana cigarette". 

Current slogan: N/A
Description: "Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things that you love." 

My idea is to fetishize Pinterest and simultaneously make fun of pornography, the "sex sells" theory, and the juxtaposition of the sex that people expect to find so easily on the internet these days. I want to do something that is akin to the naked woman, rather than the crude nude of pornography. I have yet to decide whether I want to target this to men, or both women and men. Men are the predominant market that porn sites target, and so right now, I think it would be appropriate to use Skinterest to also target all people that have fleshy interests. 
New slogan: "For a fan of the flesh, not of the nude."
Ad campaign: I would redesign the website's banner, not so much their layout. I want to bring back the beauty of nakedness and create my own Skinterest board using images that I will personally take of skin, only parts of the body that are appropriate to show in class. 

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