Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Olivia Serra - Ch 5 Response

“I feel like a fish”
This piece is strong for multiple reasons, first of all, the copy can stand on its own without the visual of the goldfish literally out of water. The imagery of the copy is an understandable feeling that even those without Asthma know what an attack feels like. Another strong choice was in the art direction, by choosing not to put a picture of “5 year old Jacob” it makes the ad emotional but not an in your face emotional execution, like ASPCA commercials.

Ayotte “Yellow Pages” and “Mouse Pad”
Both of these print ads rely heavily on the visual. The only issue I have with them, is until I read the copy at the bottom of the page, I was slightly confused. Once the audience realizes that Ayotte is a drum company, the visual makes complete sense. The ads are actually can reach a wide variety of audience, because very often in tv shows and movies are people “drumming” on objects that are not a drum.

“Advanced Aerobatic Flight Training”
I personally love this ad because both my parents were Air Force Pilots, and my dad is now a commercial pilot. So flying is in my blood. One critique of this print ad is the font used for the headline, I struggled slightly to read it.  I also think they could have chosen a stronger picture. 

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