Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spoof Advertisement - Drake Manalo

Spoof Ad #1 (World of Warcraft):

For my first concept, I think that doing a spoof of the World of Warcraft advertisements would be fun to do. Especially because, in high school, I was definitely addicted to WoW and have lived through the downfalls of it as a game/way of life/necessity to live. All of the advertisements for World of Warcraft have a video of a star in someway encouraging people to play. However, for my spoof ad, I want to make a video of someone starting out playing the game, yet slowly (or quickly) becoming so engrossed in it that they have no care for the real world. I want to visually show the decay of physical and social life. 

I do not have any visuals for this, however, I have a vision in my mind. I want to film one of my friends playing the game - starting out as normal, clean looking, etc. Then, as the ad progresses, show the dirtiness and lifestyle that one succumbs to after spending hours, days, months, and years playing the game.

Spoof Ad #2 (domu):

A second concept I had was for spoofing the domu ads that are all over the CTA. The ads center around a person (or more) with a couple snippets about who they are, and that they found their apartment on domu. For my spoof, I feel that I could take a serious turn with this or a comical way of viewing different people who need apartments. I even though of doing a serial killer type scenario that would completely exaggerate that literally ANYONE could find their apartment on domu. 

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