Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Drake Manalo - Spoof Ad Final



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This is a spoof advertisement campaign for the game World of Warcraft. The new game is called World of Wastecraft, with advertisements utilizing the same name. For these spoof ads, I recorded footage, edited it in After Effects, as well as editing of images in Photoshop and Illustrator. The advertisements were completed on April 30, 2013.

World of Warcraft is a game that has millions of players worldwide. It has been a very successful game throughout the past 5+ years. In high school, I was definitely an avid player of this game, and while playing I recognized how much it can take over your life. I allowed it to take precedence over my school work and even my social life; I became a recluse. For this spoof advertisement I wanted to allow the viewer to see how acceptable (even necessary) it becomes to let the game gain control over a person. Many people have seriously become addicted to World of Warcraft, and I wanted to shed some insight into the lifestyle that [some] of these people may live.

The current advertisements for World of Warcraft take place in a commercial form. Throughout all of my research, I did not find a single print advertisement for World of Warcraft (although they do have their own magazine). The main focus for my spoof advertisement is the video advertisement, in which we see the speaker going about the everyday actions of his life - meaning never leaving his apartment, neglecting to go out with friends, using the computer on the toilet, and so on. When I was first coming up with concepts for this advertisement, I spoke with another friend who also played World of Warcraft a lot. I decided to ask him for his help in shooting this advertisement because he recognized the validity of the addiction! 

Most of the work I did for the spoof ad was created in a combination of After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. There were three typefaces that I utilized in the creation of the print (magazine) and video advertisements. Before doing anything, I developed the name and logo in Illustrator, along with the tagline. While finalizing the name I wanted, I came across a generator that made a logo for you. This was definitely beneficial to me because it allowed me to go through different names to see how the finished logo would look. The final logo was to become "World of Wastecraft." I then went into Photoshop to create a new package for World of Wastecraft as well as removing/altering text in various areas to make it look more believable.

The tedious parts of creating the spoof ad were shooting, editing, and finalizing the video advertisement in After Effects. I had to draw multiple storyboards, and continually asked for a friend's input while coming up with the finished product. When I first brought the shots into After Effects, I was not sure how I wanted to get my message across to the viewer. I wish I could have shot these against a completely white screen/in a white space but I used what was available to me. Also, I wish I could have represented a more negative aspect to the game. Otherwise, I think this project is successful with what I was trying to achieve of making the viewer aware of this phenomena of games taking over people's lives.

Upon looking at the commercial advertisement of World of Warcraft with Aubrey Plaza and going back to my project, I came up with a video spoof ad that effectively communicates the lack of real life situations a person succumbs to following an addiction of World of Wastecraft. The intent of these advertisements is to show that although this is a game, it should be used as such. People develop addictions to all types of things, and World of Wacraft is one of them. I want the audience to see how crazy it is that people are completely okay with letting go of reality to be an "important" part of an online game. 

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