Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rebranding Final - Meade

I decided to rebrand my dad's company. 

(this is the current logo)

(this is the new logo - primary logo)

(this is the secondary logo that would serve as a watermark on his proposals or other paperwork)

(this is photo manip of the current website with the new logo - though I'd probably drastically change the website to better fit the new logo than just changing the banner)

My life in Advertising - Rebranding my blog

This project gives me the perfect opportunity to rebrand my blog. I have a really simple template that I pay for now on, and my blog is Hopefully I can create a sleek and better look, and have an overall image as opposed to having just my name on the blog page. The name is Sabrina Souffle, so for this project I will be creating a logo and business cards.

My project will essentially be 'my life in advertising', because I will be taking inspiration from other fashion advertisements and ideas to create an overall theme on my blog.  As a senior, I wanted to do something relevant and applicable to my career.


Inspiration :  


Randall McNair:Rebranding

I wanted to rebrand the Business Calendar app by Appgenix Software, It is a free app that you can download for android through the google store. I use it everyday, to keep my schedule in order. He is the current logo and design.

They also don't seem to have a authentic logo, so I would also like to design that as well. They seem to be using this app logo as their company logo.

Olivia Serra - My life in Ad

My life in advertising. My addiction to advertising could probably be considered a problem. I know when they recycle ads, I skip ads on watch ads. I also forget to watch the program on TV and watch the ad instead. With that said, advertising is my life blood and I am planning to show that with an IV fluid bag that is filled with some of my favorite Ads and Characters.

Gordon My Life in Advertising

For my final project i am choosing to go with My Life in Advertising. I am only a sophomore and i feel like i have a lot more learning to do in school, but also in the professional world. Being a graphic design major i view and see things in a different light. I want to base my project off of the quote, "i am a leaf in the wind, watch me soar". The wind takes the leaves up and down, around whipping all over the place, kind of how design and advertising takes pace. I want to illustrate this with a hand drawn illustration. This quote represents to me my journey in school, and my creativity. There are so many opportunities the graphic design world has to offer, and this is my passion, watch me soar. I really like the design styles of Non-Format.

MLIA concept #1 Moran

I am developing a concept for the MLIA project that would narrate the role advertisers play when researching a product and its target audience.  Often times, advertisers are forced to abandon current beliefs about a brand or product to discover the viewpoints of a different audience.  I am still deciding the best way to visually demonstrate this concept.  My first thought was to use photography and create a number of different "looks" for myself... ballet teacher, biker chick, hipster, prep, etc.  I would also like to play with my illustration skills and see if I can use a different approach to show my versatility and enthusiasm for learning about different ways of life.

I do not have any images yet, but I will.....

My Life in Advertising- jaramillo

For My Life in Advertising I wanted to do a poster of a reality tv show like you would see on MTV. I want to do either a TrueLife episode or a 16 & Pregnant but change the name to 21 & Graduating. Basically trying to tell MTV not all those statistics are true and to maybe show how my life would be in a reality show like these. My poster would have a title and more like a scrapbook with illustrations of what my life consists of and very colorful. Also to include the MTV logo like if it was a new show they were going to air.

Another idea I had was to make a poster with Disney characters and how ever since I was little I loved Disney movies. Basically like "living in a dream" will be my theme because even when I went to the theme parks I didnt want to believe it so I think this idea will also be fun to work with. I want to do work with the castle to make it look like a fantasy but Im still not sure.

Darby - My Life in Advertising

My Life in Advertising
I am very inspired by illustrated design work, especially work for music artists such as posters and album art. I am by no means a music artist, but I'd like to design a concert style poster advertising myself. I'd like the viewer to gain an impression of who I am and what my mind "sounds like". This concept is somewhat abstract but I prefer it that way. Below are examples of concert posters done by Donald Ely, one of my favorite illustrators. His renditions are always funky, vibrant and evocative and that is what I would like to accomplish in this project.

Wheatland_my life in advertising

I chose to do my life in advertising because I think it will be more fun. For my idea, I wanted to incorporate the brands that I like and play a big role in my life. One set of brands are going to be for skateboarding and snowboarding. For example:

These are brands that I really like to wear in my everyday life. My other set of brands are going to be focused around sports and sports attire. For example:

To illustrate these two contrasting sets of brands I wanted to construct two warrior type figures that are fighting one another to symbolize the struggles I have choosing between brands. One side is cool and hip while the other is sporty and comfortable. 

MLIA Idea - Bialek

My Life in Advertising: Idea 1

I’ve long been a fan of the Art Nouveau style, which was popular from 1890 – 1910 throughout Europe as a form of general art, architecture, and applied art.  I like it for its beautiful color palettes, the varying weight of the lines that outline or form the figures in the images, and how unique it looks.

I want to base “My Life in Advertising” off of Art Nouveau by doing an illustration of… me, drawn into a knockoff of one of the classic Art Nouveau images, such as (but not limited to) one of the three below:

My Life in Advertising Idea Mikula

I decided I really wanted to go with the my life in advertising instead of the rebrand because it is more open ended to creativity than a rebrand. I really love the story of where the wild things are (as do a lot of other people). The story of a young lonely boy, max who gets in trouble and doesn't like facing reality and dealing with problems so he goes into this fantasy world. Max has fun romping around with the creatures he discovers but realizes he has go home. I feel like I can relate in a close sense that I've always been a kid at heart. When faced with problems, life, reality and all those adult things, I don't want to deal or confront them. I'd rather just be a kid because that always seemed simpler. But just like Max, I realize that I need to face these things. For my project I'd like to take a picture of myself because I have an awesome max costume. I want to have a picture in a forest with a lot of signs on a tree (like the picture below). The signs will have different things I have to do and confront and the signs will all be going different ways. I want to be sitting up in a tree or maybe just on the ground avoiding the choices even though they are looming over me.

My life in advertising - DeVecchis

So I don,t really have imagery to put up here yet, but for my concept I basically want to do the "My Life in Advertising" project that is pretty much a self portrait of myself, and the things that are important to me, meshed together in a type of collage where it is somewhat difficult to actually differentiate between the different parts. I want to have some type of slogan that is about being yourself/ not hiding who you are or a question like, "What are you made of?" I started the collage but don't have enough done to put it up here yet. Here is an example of a collage style portrait

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ashley Soltis - My Life in Advertising Concept

For my final piece, I would like to incorporate found type. As a photographer, I also think it would be interesting to document myself with images that are illustrative of my life. Additionally, I am a huge fan of Disney art, both the animation style and concept art, so my second idea involves creating myself as a character. My final concept is to illustrate myself being opposed to norms and ideas proposed by mainstream society - like body image or purchasing of popular products.. this would be another route to include found type.

HERZOG - Product Rebrand AJM Packaging Corporation

I was inspired for this project by a previous assignment in a different class: we were asked to find a "packaged good" under our sinks, write a page as the target consumer on "how we feel" about said packaged good, and then think of a direction for an advertisement. I chose AJM brown paper bags (I didn't realize paper bags were branded until this assignment), and took the angle of a mother who prepares her children's lunches every day. I think there is huge potential for me to continue working on AJM with this angle.

This is the current website and logo (top left) for AJM Packaging. They also distribute paper plates under the names "Green Label" ("Made from 100% Paper, a Renewable Natural Resource") and "Original Heavyweights."

If I am allowed to continue with this, I would hope to finish a re-brand of the company logo, website, packaging, and goods (introducing an actually environmentally-friendly line, perhaps?), along with the required two ads. When I thought of potential ads previously, I decided to focus on the nostalgia of brown paper lunch bags; parents who use them today were probably prepared brown paper bag lunches by their mothers/fathers when they were children. In that vein, I would hope to update the logo and inject a slightly retro-ish feel to capture that nostalgia (and subtly call to the company's mid-1950's origin). Here is a first draft of the type of feel I might be going for:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rebranding Idea - Meade

I've decided to rebrand my dad's company Meade Services Inc. I've always sort of disliked the current logo, thinking it needed some updating and maybe something more visually appealing.

So this is the logo on the website. I have no idea where the dumbbells came in, but they've evolved over time into this sort of... separator between the name and the 'services in'.

I asked my dad what are two tools he uses the most, to sort of inspire me to create some visuals.

So I've got two ideas going on. These would be SECONDARY LOGOS. As in the logo that would go as a watermark, or as a stamp.. etc. etc. 
The first one I feel is a bit plain and not very different. The second one, I think is, but I can't picture it as a banner logo. I really like both, so I'm gonna work on banner logos for both and see which works better.

Roels Crit #1

Rebrand- Green City Market

I want to rebrand Green City Market, a farmers market which takes place in Lincoln Park open every Wednesday and Saturday from 7am-1pm. It is a chicago gem, and should be advertised on a larger platform. I think the design they have now is cute, though a little hokey with its reliance on picnic details, I also think the logo could be designed to be slightly more elegant (mostly speaking about the amorphous radish on the left side). Below I've selected images of the design they have now. The food collages are by a graphic designer Julie Lee, from her blog I love the airy, floating ascetic the food collages have and think they would make tantalizing imagery for advertisements. 

A concept I've begun to come up with is for an ad, using on of the recipes  featured chicago chef's upload on the website, create a food collage using the ingredients and the text for the recipe. These would be rather simple recipes such as salads, or pastas. 

Another concept would be Fast Food vs Fresh Food. In these ads it would be a side by side mash up of images where on one side would be fast food, the other side a delectable piece of fruit or vegetable to counter it. They would mirror each other in shape and possibly color, though the focus would be on the produce.

For both of these I would try and integrate the slogan they already use "know your food/ know your farmer", though I would rather shorten it to only "know your food".

My Life in Advertising- Martha Stewart

I have been subscribed Martha Stewart since I was 15 years old, they send me letters thanking me for my continued subscription and everything. In my crazy-hectic-cluttered-unorganized-college and ultimately un-Martha lifestyle, I love buying into the spectacle of one day having so much time on my hands that I can emulate the immaculate lifestyle of the Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Though, I'm not really sure anyone has enough time in the world to be as organized and presentable as Martha Stewart (along with her alleged team of unpaid college interns scanning her photographs and organizing her crafting garage).

Ultimately with this project I want to reveal the sheer ridiculous-ness of planning a party, or really anything, to the extent that martha does. However, I would create an entire advertising campaign that mirrored Martha Stewart but with a college twist. I would either present it in an editorial way, where Martha Stewart Living plans a theme party, creates the decorations by hand, creates an entire homemade menu, and even plans what do to with the leftovers. Or I would present it in a way which would be like the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's, which I have an example of below. Instead, I would have various objects which represent a college-party-lifestyle. 

Final Social Media