Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Final Social Media Crit- Jaramillo

ciaoobella - makeup tutorials

(1)             Describe the challenge
For my campaign I decided to do an app that will partner with YouTube on makeup tutorials. Basically what this app would do is to have users and be able to comment and share information. There would be video tutorials with pictures and also a list of products used including a link to where they can purchase these items.

(2)             Who is the target audience?
My audience will include makeup artists, beauty school students and girls in their teens and 20’s.

(3)             What does the audience currently think about the brand or group?
They would say its good for the products to be listed or suggest places where they can buy them/be affordable.

(4)             What would we like the target to think and feel?
To make things easier for them and to be able to share their ideas as well as seen others creativity.

(5)        Which facts, evidence or thoughts will assist in this change of   
            The organization of the app and making it easier for the users. They will learn and be able to share their work.

(5)             What is the brand essence?
Creativity and learning will be the essence because these tutorials are very helpful.

(7)        What is the key emotion that will build a relationship with the core    
            I think the fact that they are sharing with other artists and be able to show off their work can make their work noticed and it will give them confidence/admiration.

(9)        What media will best facilitate our goal?
            Tablets will work best because this is an easier way to display previous jobs and to show to their clients/friends/etc.

(10)      What are the most critical elements?
            A very clear organization of this app and be able to have user interaction.

(11)      What is the  single most important takeaway?
For others to learn and view these tutorials and get inspired for their own work.

(12)      What do we want the audience to do?
            I want the audience to feel good about their work and be able to share it with others. This app is very helpful for everyone that has to do with celebrity makeup, beauty salons or even girls who want to have a clean makeup.

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