Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HERZOG - Product Rebrand AJM Packaging Corporation

I was inspired for this project by a previous assignment in a different class: we were asked to find a "packaged good" under our sinks, write a page as the target consumer on "how we feel" about said packaged good, and then think of a direction for an advertisement. I chose AJM brown paper bags (I didn't realize paper bags were branded until this assignment), and took the angle of a mother who prepares her children's lunches every day. I think there is huge potential for me to continue working on AJM with this angle.

This is the current website and logo (top left) for AJM Packaging. They also distribute paper plates under the names "Green Label" ("Made from 100% Paper, a Renewable Natural Resource") and "Original Heavyweights."

If I am allowed to continue with this, I would hope to finish a re-brand of the company logo, website, packaging, and goods (introducing an actually environmentally-friendly line, perhaps?), along with the required two ads. When I thought of potential ads previously, I decided to focus on the nostalgia of brown paper lunch bags; parents who use them today were probably prepared brown paper bag lunches by their mothers/fathers when they were children. In that vein, I would hope to update the logo and inject a slightly retro-ish feel to capture that nostalgia (and subtly call to the company's mid-1950's origin). Here is a first draft of the type of feel I might be going for:

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