Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Garcia- Ad Spoof Final

Cynthia Garcia
Spoof Ad Final
Face Decay
“Wrinkles with an edge”
Magazine and Billboard

For my spoof ad’s I decided to use Urban Decay.  They’re slogan is “beauty with and edge,” and I the women in their ad’s tend to have large amounts of eye shadow in colors you would probably never wear. So the spoof ad is called “Face Decay, wrinkles with and edge.” This is because I remember being told as a teenager that if you started wearing make up at a young age you would get wrinkles faster.  The image I took, I uploaded to Photoshop and using the burn tool I enhanced wrinkles that she had and with the dodge paint tool I created even more. It was a little difficult and I believe I could have done a better job with that but as I said I had a hard time with Photoshop. For the most part I did use Illustrator. Aside from the image I believe it’s the slogan and the “FD,” logo that really brings everything together, I think I did a pretty good job in finding the appropriate typefaces. 

As I had mentioned, Urban Decay ads have models with large amounts of eye shadow in colors I myself would never wear. Urban Decay cosmetic line includes, eye shadows, foundation, bronzers, mascara, eyeliner, primers etc. Their products do tend to have strange names such as “Eye potion, De- Slick in a tube, their very expensive $50+ Naked eye shadow palette, and Surreal skin,” just to name a few.  The names of their products are very interesting but I guess it does go along with their “edgy,” approach. 

My purpose is to point out that regardless of how much makeup you use or do not use everyone eventually will get old. Our face will lose its elasticity and no matter how much makeup/lotion/primer/ etc. you use nothing is going to stop it or camouflage it completely. You can’t really get rid of wrinkles unless you opt for Botox. My target audience is women age 21+; my friend for example works at Ulta and considers herself an Urban Decay fan. I believe that this effect will remind the target audience that no matter how edgy your makeup us, you will get old. Eventually the only thing edgy will be how deep your smile lines look with foundation and bronzer on. This ad will be placed in Vogue Magazine. I actually was looking through a Vogue magazine when I was looking for ideas for the spoof ad. It's also appropriate for the content it has and it's audience.  

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