Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Carey Spoof Ad Final

Spoof Ad

Magazine Spread
Alternative Ad

Original Ad

I decided to spoof a Play-Doh ad that I came across. The ad is shown above with a container of Play-Doh with a ribbon sticker that describes all of the things that could be made with that container of Play-Doh. I know that kids are always getting into Play-Doh and eating it, the smell is really tempting for kids. I remember we made home-made Play-Doh when I was in grade school and so many kids starting eating it. I spoofed the ad by including the list of ingredients instead of possible creations. The ingredients include: water, flour, salt, oil, food dye, hair, soap, sand, rocks, fingernail crud, dust, toe jam, woodchips, snot, tears, earwax, dead skin, bug legs, dirt, newspaper print, eye gunk, germs, cooties, urine, spit, vomit, pencil lead, pus, roaches, rat poo, paint, nail polish, sweat, snacks, crumbs, paint chips, kool-aid, bug antennae, bee stings, grass, butterfly wings, bubbles, lipstick, eye gunk, anything else that kids can get their grubby hands onto. I always remember my Play-Doh accumulating the world around me instead of staying clean and free of debris. I had a lot of problems with matching the typeface on the Play-Doh logo and taking a usable picture of the container. It is a very difficult shape to photograph and maintain its proportions. I chose 'Parenting' magazine as the magazine medium because I think that parents are more likely to buy their children Play-Doh than kids buying it themselves and it is considered a safe 'toy' so I think that it would be featured in a parenting magazine.

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