Thursday, May 9, 2013

Garcia- Social Media Campaign 1

As someone that uses Pinterest on a daily basis, I always end up finding outfits that I would love to buy. Unfortunately when it comes down to finding out from what website the shirt/dress/shoes etc. are from I usually end up searching for hours and never find it.

  Describe the challenge 
 You are on Pinterest and come across a dress or cute blouse that you really like and consider even buying but once you click on the link it takes you to a fashion blog dead end. This app would link your Pinterest and Blogger accounts and when you find a cute dress you would like to buy, the app would do the search for you and determine from what stores/online store that dress is from, what colors it’s available in and if they have your size. You could even purchase the dress through the app and share with your friends where you found it from and how.

Who is the target audience? 
The target audience would be women, ages 20-40 

 What does the audience currently think about the brand or group? 
Pinterest allows its users to create boards and many women already have boards that contain clothes that they would like to buy. Many of these pins tend to have a link and it will usually lead to what Pinterest calls spam, or some sort of fashion blog. 

 What would we like the target to think and feel?
 Ideally, we would like the target audience to think that this is a very convenient app. It does the countless hours of search for you and it even figures out if that certain dress is available in your size or if you should move on and find a different one.

 Which facts, evidence or thoughts will assist in this change of thinking? 
 By having all the information about on-line stores and the different clothing items available (size, color, availability), users will be able to feel much more confident in the app because its not only doing the job of finding the on-line store but they could just buy it from the convenience of the app without having to log out. 

 What is the brand essence? 
 Simple, fast

 What is the key emotion that will build a relationship with the core audience?
 I think the key emotion would be feeling like they have been helped in a convenient manner, which in return would make the audience feel much more confident about returning to the app and using it again.  

What media will best facilitate our goal?
 It’s a smart phone app that would link your Pinterest and Blogger accounts together and with the image of the dress you want it would search through a database of on line stores and find the exact or closest match to that dress you are looking for. Companies that would like to collaborate with the app could create accounts to even make the search faster and could promote their accounts through self-advertising. A web ad would also be available on Facebook that would appear on the side.

What are the most critical elements?
 To maintain the visuals, make sure they are relevant and still in existence. A clean and organize interface to minimize clutter and unwanted items and to make sharing dresses that you have found much more convenient, fun and social. Also establish a relationship with on-line stores that wish to make their clothing known which would expand our database and make searching for dresses even more convenient and faster. The final element would be collaborating with Paypal or Google Checkout to make it convenient for the audience to purchase their dress on the spot. 

 What is the single most important takeaway?
 I want the audience to feel like they can find a beautiful dress/outfit etc. on either Pinterest or Blogger and know that there is a convenient app that will help them find the dress fast and efficiently. 

 What do we want the audience to do?
We want the audience to share the app with their friends, to use it on a daily basis, to find special event outfits such as prom, wedding, birthday etc.

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