Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rebranding Idea - Meade

I've decided to rebrand my dad's company Meade Services Inc. I've always sort of disliked the current logo, thinking it needed some updating and maybe something more visually appealing.

So this is the logo on the website. I have no idea where the dumbbells came in, but they've evolved over time into this sort of... separator between the name and the 'services in'.

I asked my dad what are two tools he uses the most, to sort of inspire me to create some visuals.

So I've got two ideas going on. These would be SECONDARY LOGOS. As in the logo that would go as a watermark, or as a stamp.. etc. etc. 
The first one I feel is a bit plain and not very different. The second one, I think is, but I can't picture it as a banner logo. I really like both, so I'm gonna work on banner logos for both and see which works better.

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