Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gordon - social media app

I would like to create an app that is an easy how to cooking guide for college students. Personally i struggle in the cooking department and need a little help. I feel like cook books are a little outdated. The app would include recipes for oven and microwave cooking instructions, along with a place to create a grocery list. I think this would be very useful to students who don't have a lot of time to be fussing around in the kitchen.

1. The challenge will to be finding easy, and fast recipes that only include a short list of ingredients, and a short cooking time.

2. The target audience is mainly college students or graduate students, who are always on the run to class, and work, and homework.

3. Right now there aren't a lot of cooking things out there for college students so i think it would be nice to have an app right on a phone. A majority of college students have smart phones, so it would be quick and easy to look stuff up.

4. I want the target audience to think and feel like its accessible to cook good healthy food, and not always to rely on pre-packaged food.

5. Researching new and easy cooking ideas.

6. A fast and easy way into the cooking world.

7. The app is fun and easy, and accessible at the tips of peoples fingers.

8. College students

9. Smart phone app, facebook page/app, twitter (recipe of the day)

10. A variety of recipes for different food groups.

11. The students ending result is a good hearty meal.


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