Friday, May 3, 2013

Social Media Campaign - Meade


The Qticle iPhone app (name might change) is like Instagram, but for nails. Post pictures of your done nails (people do funky awesome stuff with their nails and you can too, if you know the colors!) and tag the brand and color (sort of like tagging the location to your photos). If you click on the tag under each photo on your feed, it takes you to a purchase page where you can add the brand +color to your favorites list, or purchase it via going to the brand's website, Google shopping and on Amazon or Ebay - if available. The app would also allow you to look at popular posts and browse/search under specific brands and their colors - if you click on a specific brand (ex OPI) and then a color (Mediterranean Moonrise), it shows you posts (if any) tagged with that color, and then also the purchase options. Emailing a favorite brand and color information could also be an option.
I am considering promoting a number of brands. OPI is my main brand, but the other brands include: Red Carpet Manicure, Essie, Nails Inc., China Glaze (another big one), ORLY, Piggy Polish and Chanel.

  1. Describe the challenge To create an app that is easy to use and makes the user/nail enthusiast feel like their life just got easier in regards to finding great nail polish color and ideas. Essentially, create the app so it's function is relevant enough to help out nail brands get more eyeballs and therefore, customers. I want to make the challenge of finding a great nail color, or figuring out what color someone has in their photo and minimize it. Make it easier to find and buy the thing you want with a great designed app.
  2. Who is the target audience? Teens+ that are interested in nail care, nail polishes, fashion. The nail brands listed above have a large range in audiences (OPI, China Glaze, Red Carpet and Chanel being more 20+ aged audience, while ORLY and Piggy are younger).
  3. What does the audience currently think about the brand or group? Each brand has it's ups and downs, but overall there is this collective feeling among fellow nail enthusiasts that there be easier ways to find new colors, know the name of the color of the nails in that picture someone just posted on their blog or Instagram, and also SHARE their amazing nails with other people who care all with an easy access to purchase it wherever I am.
  4. What would we like the target to think and feel? "THANK YOU!", essentially. I want them to get that satisfaction of being able to get the nail polish they want easy peasy lemon squeezy after seeing an awesome picture utilizing those colors. 
  5. Which facts, evidence or thoughts will assist in this change of thinking? The fact that you'll be able to purchase the colors via your phone, or save the brand + color for later, to have a record of it and purchase in person or simply at a later time. The brands will collaborate to supply their nail colors and direct links to purchase pages via their website if they have online shopping. Perhaps if you have an account with Qticle you have access to brands' accounts on there (by following them - or maybe forced promotional posts like Twitter does), where they post pictures of new colors first, or ads of discounts (like a picture of a nail polish or polish line that says '50% off today until --- purchase online and enter the code: QTICLE for the discount!').
  6. What is the brand essence? Helpful, easy-to-use, chique, lively 
  7. What is the key emotion that will build a relationship with the core audience? Strive to make the users feel like they've been helped, and to keep coming back to the app because it continues to be helpful.
  8. What media will best facilitate our goal? iPhone app as main priority (obviously),  Nail brands that are in collaboration with this app or that have an account can promote their accounts/the app (the accounts being self-advertising, above being advertised by other users that tag them) on their websites via perhaps an icon (like a Facebook, Pintrest, or Instagram icon), or as an ad. Possibly print ads in fashion magazines, have a Facebook page and adverts, and even go into Twitter to promote the app.
  9. What are the most critical elements? People posting their photos and having the brands collaborate with the app/company. People posting and commenting on each other's photos is the social aspect that advertises at the same time, so having a friendly, creative, clean interface that helps the user post their stuff is critical. Another part, that in the real world, would need to be established early on is the connection/collaboration with the different polish companies and their providing us with information to put into a database that'll make tagging and searching easy. Those two aspects are the heart of the app, with the third being an an added crucial element - the purchasing. If a collaboration with Amazon and Ebay can be established, that's idea, otherwise, the purchasing can be left to just linking to the brand's website and a google shopping search of the color.
  10. What do we want the audience to do? I want my audience to use the app, share with their friends, recommend it to other nail enthusiasts, and expand their creativity in regards to nail art.
  11. What is the single most important takeaway? I want the users to enjoy interacting and seeing other nail enthusiasts, and to tune into their love for nail polish and nail care all while easing their life a little in the process and provide an equally visually appealing place to do so as their nails will be.


This is the app icon for my project. The bar for the Q is suppose to be a nail polish brush. There are two versions of the icon. Not sure which one I like more, but they're so similar that in the end it's up to y'all's opinion to convince me.

So these are some of my roughs for my app. The bottom buttons need to be evened out, the pink color might be changed to either a better pink, or different color altogether. In the final draft of this, there will be pictures and a 'fake' account to demonstrate how it'll look. The page headers I'm also not too sure about, but this is what I have so far!


My first idea is to have a Twitter account for the app. It would tweet app updates, promote the app,  major new installations of colors/lines in the app that you can tag, tweet out the top 10 colors of the week based on number of likes + comments a picture has through the app as well as news and promotions for the various brands that are available through the app. Followers on Twitter would want to follow because it's the source of updates on various nail polish brands all in one account, which would then promote the app itself from having people follow on Twitter and expose them to the app. Here is the link to the Twitter app.  

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