Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Roels Crit #1

Rebrand- Green City Market

I want to rebrand Green City Market, a farmers market which takes place in Lincoln Park open every Wednesday and Saturday from 7am-1pm. It is a chicago gem, and should be advertised on a larger platform. I think the design they have now is cute, though a little hokey with its reliance on picnic details, I also think the logo could be designed to be slightly more elegant (mostly speaking about the amorphous radish on the left side). Below I've selected images of the design they have now. The food collages are by a graphic designer Julie Lee, from her blog JuliesKitchen.me. I love the airy, floating ascetic the food collages have and think they would make tantalizing imagery for advertisements. 

A concept I've begun to come up with is for an ad, using on of the recipes  featured chicago chef's upload on the website, create a food collage using the ingredients and the text for the recipe. These would be rather simple recipes such as salads, or pastas. 

Another concept would be Fast Food vs Fresh Food. In these ads it would be a side by side mash up of images where on one side would be fast food, the other side a delectable piece of fruit or vegetable to counter it. They would mirror each other in shape and possibly color, though the focus would be on the produce.

For both of these I would try and integrate the slogan they already use "know your food/ know your farmer", though I would rather shorten it to only "know your food".

My Life in Advertising- Martha Stewart

I have been subscribed Martha Stewart since I was 15 years old, they send me letters thanking me for my continued subscription and everything. In my crazy-hectic-cluttered-unorganized-college and ultimately un-Martha lifestyle, I love buying into the spectacle of one day having so much time on my hands that I can emulate the immaculate lifestyle of the Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Though, I'm not really sure anyone has enough time in the world to be as organized and presentable as Martha Stewart (along with her alleged team of unpaid college interns scanning her photographs and organizing her crafting garage).

Ultimately with this project I want to reveal the sheer ridiculous-ness of planning a party, or really anything, to the extent that martha does. However, I would create an entire advertising campaign that mirrored Martha Stewart but with a college twist. I would either present it in an editorial way, where Martha Stewart Living plans a theme party, creates the decorations by hand, creates an entire homemade menu, and even plans what do to with the leftovers. Or I would present it in a way which would be like the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's, which I have an example of below. Instead, I would have various objects which represent a college-party-lifestyle. 

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