Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Life in Advertising- jaramillo

For My Life in Advertising I wanted to do a poster of a reality tv show like you would see on MTV. I want to do either a TrueLife episode or a 16 & Pregnant but change the name to 21 & Graduating. Basically trying to tell MTV not all those statistics are true and to maybe show how my life would be in a reality show like these. My poster would have a title and more like a scrapbook with illustrations of what my life consists of and very colorful. Also to include the MTV logo like if it was a new show they were going to air.

Another idea I had was to make a poster with Disney characters and how ever since I was little I loved Disney movies. Basically like "living in a dream" will be my theme because even when I went to the theme parks I didnt want to believe it so I think this idea will also be fun to work with. I want to do work with the castle to make it look like a fantasy but Im still not sure.

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