Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Social Media Final - Bialek

Melissa Bialek

Social Media Campaign Project

(1)   Describe the challenge
The challenge is to make a completely bizarre, strange “Flash app” that will spike in popularity to appease (and make fun of) a niche market, then die soon after, without making it too inaccessible for either the target audience or the audience it would be parodying.

(2)   Who is the target audience?
The target audience of the app breaks down into two major groups: a) “Bronies”, male adult fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who are the new population crutch to make fun of because of general social awkwardness, lack of hygiene or style but attempts to employ the use of a classic “Fedora/Trilby” hat to attempt to have any, and inacceptable behavior in general public (adult men should not be watching a little girl’s cartoon show). The second major group is the general public who finds these people laughable.

(3)   What does the audience currently think about the brand or group?
Bronies are in love with other bronies. It’s a subculture within itself that is ignorant to a lot of criticism. Many Bronies are ignorant of other people’s opinions, and choose to live and act the way they do out of arrogance and a blind eye turned toward the rest of society. They would use this app seriously, as the app would offer them a fun service: at the cost of taking a picture of himself, the Brony would be suggested more merchandise he would enjoy to put on his hat/bag/etc that could otherwise be hard to find on the internet.

For the general public, it would just be something to laugh at, be weirded out by, and have a kind of disturbed curiosity sated by dressing themselves up to look like they were a blind 4 year old fumbling around in a closet.

(4)   What would we like the target to think and feel?
Bronies should feel welcomed and excited, because it is yet another outlet for them to express themselves the way they like.

The general public should be having fun, laughing, and feeling bewildered or weirded out.

(5)   Which facts, evidence or thoughts will assist in this change of thinking?
Not sure how to address this question? The fact that these “Bronies” are college aged (or older) men that get in far too deep with little cartoon ponies is creepy, bizarre, and somewhat fascinating. To Bronies, anything that remotely accepts their hobby is great, and appeals to them due to wide dislike for their antics. For the general public, this app would put the strange fecundity of these men on display, and confirm stereotypes about the majority of these people.

(6)   What is the brand essence?
Light-hearted fun!
(7)   What is the key emotion that will build a relationship with the core audience?
For Bronies – “Acceptance”. For the general public – “Shared confusion/disgust/curiosity”

(8)   What media will best facilitate our goal?
Advertising on Facebook/Reddit and My Little Pony forums for the Bronies. For the general public, word of mouth stemming from actual use by Bronies would probably be the best bet, along with comedy websites – SomethingAwful, Cracked, ThinkGeek – possibly having advertisements as well.

(9)   What are the most critical elements?
It is critical that this app is always lighthearted and offers a good time to either party – e.g. whether it is being used with serious intent or not. Parody is funniest to both parties when it isn’t too malicious in nature. This pokes fun at Bronies for sure, but it isn’t cruel or mocking enough to really hurt feeling; it fits both the niche market and appeals to the general public because it is both good-natured and positively bizarre.

(10)What is the single most important takeaway?
That even if you are a creepy, fedora-wearing Brony, that there is something for you – and you using this gives the general public something more to be curious about. This is a weird, niche “Flash” app, but it really can appeal to everyone… Just for different reasons.

(11)What do we want the audience to do?
Take the app with a grain of salt, enjoy it for a moment, then move on. It’s just meant to be like a one-off joke! Don’t take it too seriously.

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