Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My app is going to be called "Struggle Bus"

The Idea: The term Struggle Bus refers to those days where you just dont feel 100%. Or when you feel like you have just too much on your plate. It will start as a college based app.

My Audience: Stressed out Students, most likely in college

The App: You post to the app and indicate why you are on the struggle bus. Other people can see and vote for who should be driving the struggle bus. Basically the person who is in the shittiest situation.

Individuals indicate what university they go to, and post to the wall.

The feed would function like twitter posts. Instead of being able to "retweet" or "favorite" or any of the other twitter functions, you just vote on who is the Driver of the Struggle Bus.

After a full 24hrs. The next day will have the previous day's most voted post be the Driver of the Struggle Bus of that day.

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