Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Randall McNair Social Media App Pitch

(1)             Describe the challenge?
The challenge is combining the functions of twitter and Skype/face-time, into to app; I would call this app the Indicator. The Indicator would take the information of Cta buses, trains, and also Metra and Pace transportation information, and allows a person to review it in real time. Twitter can be used to get reports on bus/train routes, if problems may arise, for example, a derailed train, traffic jam, bus trouble, or construction, which would show up on each bus route as an exclamation mark. Skype/face-time functions can be use for real time image. The bus, train or traffic cams would be able to display real time images or footage of the current problem to the transit riders. I would also like to take some of the features from Transit Chatter, which would allow the people to post information about certain routes or vehicles, that would give riders an insight based on personal experience, and not just on a business one.

(2)        Who is the target audience?
Any person in the city that uses public transportation for transport.

(3)        What does the audience currently think about the brand or group?
Twitter is highly popular, as well as Skype. Skype for the simple fact that it a free application that it useable for all smart phone devices, while Face-Time can only be used by iphone carriers.
(4)        What would we like the target to think and feel?
I want them to feel relieved, and satisfied. There are many apps on the market, that describes or does many of the same things I am try to do with this particular app. However there is no real time image or footage, that has yet to be seen.

(5)        Which facts, evidence or thoughts will assist in this change of

      thinking? If you go to the Android or the Apple store, you can see the ratings of each individual person who downloaded the app, and their thoughts on the app. The complaints consist of, ghost tracking, which is transport popping up, in the app, but does not actually reflect an real vehicle. App crashing, or lack of updates in a timely manner, also it not being user friendly.

(6)        What is the brand essence? To give great information in all forms, be it personal or business, that leaves the person satisfied.

(7)        What is the key emotion that will build a relationship with the core audience?
Satisfaction, to know I can go here and get all the information I need, buy just not only reading it, but viewing it as well.

(8)        What media will best facilitate our goal?
Well since we will be using Twitter, Skype, and Face-Time. I’m pretty sure could have some adds pop up as banners, on the bottom of the phone. Also being in the App Markets will help, as well as passing the information off to school’s, which can advertise through emails. We can also make a Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and a Wordpress page/blog to promote the app. We could also make an attempt to approach the WGN news, and try to advertise through their tech report news.
(9)      What are the most critical elements?
Allowing people to able to see real time pictures or footage, it is something that can not be found on any other apps, and would really raise the bar.
(10)      What is the  single most important takeaway?
Being able see it with your own two eyes no matter where you are. This ability gives the person to see for themselves, and plan accordingly to get from one location to another
(11)      What do we want the audience to do? I want them to use the app, and tell their family, friends, and co-workers about the app, so we can gain promotion, and design similar apps for other cities and towns.

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